Games Department

For wholesome development of a person, the physical aspect must be catered for.  Games provide an opportunity for a student to develop physically and take a healthy break from the general routine. The result is a rejuvenated individual in class.

A physical work out in the field bring mental fatigue relieve while good performance in games enhances self- esteem.

The school participate in various sports activities. Athletics, badminton, foot ball (soccer), hand ball, volley ball, netball, table tennis. The school routine includes a games period every weekday from 1620 – 1740 hrs  on Mondays and Fridays.

During first term an inter-house competition is held in the school. During this event, the seven houses compete against each other in track and field events. The winning house is rewarded together with all participants.

There is also a compulsory cross-country jog on the first weekend of the school term.  This event is popular among the students.

A Dedicated  Team Of Coaches In Sports

  • Assistant games master     –     Mr. Mutugi
  • Soccer            –    Mr. Amimo
  • Table tennis         – Principal
  • Badminton            – Mr. John Mwangi
  • Athletics            –    Mr. Njuguna
  • Hand ball            –    Mrs Kanyugo/Ms Joyce
  • Volley ball            –    Mr. Mutugi

We also recognize the work done by the games prefecture i.e

  • Games captain:
  • Games assistant:

We believe apart from assisting in health, growth of our students and institutions, we are also contributing to sport development in the entire country.

Catherine W, Kanyugo
Head of Department