Ndumberi Girls has a Deputy Principal (Mrs. A.W. Gitau) who among other duties deputizes the Principal in all the duties as delegated.

The major responsibilities and duties of the bearer of this office are enlisted below:
1.    Organizing and administering approved school curriculum.
2.    Ensuring that schemes of work, class notes, records of work, mark books, report forms, class registers, daily occurrence book (TOD and the Deputy’s), gate records among others are kept and are up-to-date.
3.    Coordinating drawing up of teaching time table.
4.    Human resource management through discipline of both staff and students, adherence to daily school routine, performance of duties for both staff and student and ensuring orderliness in the class rooms.
5.    Guiding and ensuring the prefects are doing their work as expected.
6.    Supporting teachers in organizing and performance of co-curricular activities e.g. games, music, drama etc.
7.    Participating in the overall school management.
8.    Managing and maintaining of physical resources.
9.    Teaching subjects of specialization.

The major docket for the Deputy is discipline of the students. Ndumberi Girls students are well behaved. In conjunction with the discipline and guidance committees, the deputy ensures that discipline cases are handled in all the best ways possible. Some students are punished, others are referred for guidance and counselling but others will have their parents involved. This is all to ensure that we nurture disciplined girls in school and also after they leave our school.

The Deputy is also very supportive to the teaching and learning process in the school. This helps to meet the core goal as to why students go to school; academic excellence.

With the leadership of our able Principal, the work of this office is successful and is out to go to greater heights.

No turning back as long as we are here and have students to nurture, monitor, mould and discipline.

Mrs A.W. Gitau
Deputy Principal