Mathematics as a subject has a lot of importance attached to it, mainly because it is a core requirement for most careers. Teachers in the department therefore have an onerous task of ensuring the subject continues to perform well especially at KCSE Level. They do this through various interventions, viz;

  1. Syllabus Coverage: We ensure that the syllabus is covered adequately in good time. This allows the students to have adequate time for revision
    Team Teaching: The members work together as a team. This ensures that the student gets the best approaches for each topic.
  2. Testing Policy: the department gives at least 3 quality exams, well spread out. We give an opening exam at the beginning of every term, another at mid-term and one at the end of the term. Besides these three exams, we also give topical exams at the end of each topic. Feed back is given to students in the shortest time possible and revision done.
  3. Mathematics Club: the department has an active mathematics club, appropriately called SIGMA club. The club affairs are managed by officials elected annually by the students. Each class also gets to nominate a representative. Members of the club meet fortnightly on Thursdays to discuss challenging questions encountered in the period. They also post questions on the student notice board to be tackled by all students. Solutions to the questions are later also posted. All this is done under the supervision of the club patron with the assistance of all the teachers in the department.
  4. Resource Persons: the department invites KNEC examiners to talk to our students on the current examination trends. This is done at the beginning of July every year once the syllabus is covered to prepare the Form 4 class for the KCSE exams.
  5. Teaching/Learning Resources: the department has adequate teaching and learning resources. The book ratio in the department is at least 1:2 which meets the recommendation of the ministry of education. We also have a number of revision text books and the required teaching aids. Towards this end, we greatly appreciate the support accorded to the department by the principal and wish to thank her immensely.
  6. Staffing: the department has 4 dedicated and industrious teachers; teaching vertically.
  7. Contests and symposia: the department involves learners to both internally and externally organized mathematics contests and symposia.

The above has positively impacted on the performance of the subject. The subject has cumulatively produced the most number of grades A in KCSE in the history of the school. The subject has also continued to maintain position 1 in KCSE in the Sub-County Public Boarding Schools category. We thank God.

We hope that you have now got an insight of the good work being carried out at the department and are excited about it as we are. We will appreciate any feedback that may assist us in accomplishing our mission in the department.

Kamau Ng’ang’a
Head of Department.