The languages department so far is a progressive department that is committed to see the school performance improve every year.

It’s currently comprised of five T.S.C teachers and two B.O.M. teachers for Kiswahili. We also have one teacher who is on teaching practice from university. The English and Kiswahili subjects are compulsory and necessary for most career choices.

The department has a H.O.D, a secretary and a subject head for Kiswahili. The subject teachers in the department also patron subjects related clubs.

The following are these clubs;

  1. Debating club    –    Regina Rigii
  2. Music club         –    Jane Kiragu
  3. Drama club        –    Regina Rigii
  4. Press club            –    Martha Omweri/Tessy Sachelo
  5. Kiswahili club    –    Nancy Rono/ Antony Mutugi
  6. English writers club (A recently formed club) – Regina Rigii in English which attained an all time high mean of 7.5 in one form four classes, 7.2 in the other and combined total mean of 7.3.

Our main learning and teaching gap is the lack of a competitor library and also book library which the school administration is willing to facilitate soon. However, the school buys three daily papers every day. These are;-

  • The Standard
  • The Daily Nation
  • Taifa  Leo

Students have an access to these daily papers for articles teaching on the curriculum subjects and also teaching and learning aids in form of articles, pictures and other valuable illustrations.

We in the department thank the school administration for supporting us fully in the following ways;

  • Providing all the required teaching and learning materials from books to video tapes and trips to the National theatre to watch plays on the set books.
  • Costumes and trips for drama/music clubs for the H.O.D

Regina Rigii
Head of Department