Ndumberi Girls’ Secondary School – former Gitao Secondary School was started on 1st March 1979. It took the name Gitao from a small stream behind Karunga Primary School where the residents of this area were getting water. It was started to cater for boys and girls from five (5) surrounding primary schools who could not get places in government aided schools.

The five primary schools whose parents contributed their money to start this school were;

1.    Karunga Primary School
2.    Kangoya Primary School
3.    Loreto Primary School
4.    Ndumberi Primary School
5.    Ting’ang’a Primary School

From the above schools, ninety (90) students were admitted on that day of 1st March 1979 as the first group to start the school. Three teachers of “A” level standard started with them.

These teachers were;

  1. Isaac Kimani – Acting Head Teacher.
  2. James Nyaga
  3. Goretti Njire


The Headmasters of the referred primary schools were the school’s committee members, plus Chief of Ndumberi Location, one elder to represent the sponsor (A.C.K.) and one elder to represent the parents.

The office bearers were;

  1. Chairman     –     Chief John Kuria Goko (late)
  2. Secretary     –     Headmaster of Ting’ang’a Secondary School, Mr.James Gathairu Njoroge
  3. Treasurer     –     Headmaster of Karunga Primary School, Mr. James
    Mugogo Gitao

They managed the school for four (4) years.


  • The school had no text books for teachers, students and reference books for teachers had to be borrowed from Ting’ang’a Secondary School. Students were provided with exercise books only and they had to depend wholly on teachers. Teachers had to work very hard to provide notes and give homework on black board.
  • Two teachers had not taught before and to follow syllabus and write schemes of work was a problem to them.
  • Facilities for students – playing fields, balls, toilets, water etc. All these had to be borrowed from Karunga Primary School.


The school got the following as donations;

  1. Former Education Permanent Secretary – Mr. Peter Gachathi built one class (1979 – 1980) and it can be identified by the size of windows.
  2. Municipal Council of Kiambu built one class (1980). It can also be identified by window sizes as they are small in size than other classes.
  3. Municipal Council of Kiambu roofed the present office block. (Formerly it was being built as the laboratory). Its roof had been blown off by the wind in 1981.
  4. Piped water from Kiambu – Ndumberi road through donations of Ambassador of Netherlands through Mr. Nginyo Kariuki.

NB:    It is through Harambee more classes plus the Laboratory were built.

The school did its first K.C.S.E in 1982 and by that time it had a population of 260 students both boys and girls.