The school is a public full boarding district secondary school.

It is the best girl’s boarding school at the district level in terms of boarding facilities. Ndumberi Girls has a population of 474 students currently.

The school has very good boarding facilities which include the following;

  • Two big dorms that have been sub-divided into seven dorm units. The dorms are very clean, safe with enclosed flash toilets and running water. Each dorm unit is under a dorm mistress and a matron in-charge of all dorms.
  • The school has a borehole that is powered by electrical water pump which supplies the school with water. It has adequate water storage tanks for emergencies. The school has enough watering points for the students’ activities and cleaning.
  • The school has a standby generator to provide lighting in case of power blackouts. Students’ activities both academic and out of class are effectively adhered to as per programme since we have the generator on standby.
  • The school has a very good diet for the students both in terms of quality and quantity. Our students are well fed.
  • The school has a modern multipurpose hall for their meals and other purposes; for both internal and external activities. This is the best hall in the whole county, The Imani Hall.
  • The school has an experienced, clean and very hardworking kitchen staff headed by a qualified cateress.
  • The school has a hot water system. This has been made possible by the installation of a boiler. All students therefore enjoy hot showers in the morning and evening.
  • The school has got well maintained and clean toilets, enough for all students.
  • The school has got an effective security system through a CCTV surveillance system and security guards from a from popular security firm, Gratom  Babz.

Our school is growing and the boarding facilities are expanding to accommodate a three streamed school.

Caroline Nthamburi
Head of Department